Marie is 24, originally from Montreal, Canada.

She moved to Toronto 8 months ago, moving in with three roommates in a small condo in the downtown area. “When you’re living with roommates it gets messy unbelievably quickly” she says, I mean, who’s going to remember it’s their turn to take out the trash one week in three – and the results are not pretty!”

“I’m a neat freak, so finding a cleaning service was painstaking. Then I came across Swiffy.
It’s been an absolute life-saver.”

Marie and her roommates have been using Swiffy for nearly 8 months now. Last year Marie quit her job to study for her Masters. As she works from home, having a tidy place is even more important to her. We asked her what were her favorite things about the service, she told us:

“I like the fact that you can rate the professional. And let them know how grateful you are when they do a great job.

“As I’m studying I spend a lot of time at home. I don’t have time to clean. Not having to worry about that is great. It’s one less thing to worry about. And when I’m there, I see it all in front of me. It’s like the condo transforms – I notice it suddenly smells fresh and clean, and I immediately feel more at ease. I honestly think it helps me study better when it’s clean. So thank you, Swiffy, for that!”

January 22, 2021

I can relate

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