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Maintaining a clean home & office space is vital to preventing the spread of germs, including those that cause COVID-19. We know that the decision to hire a professional cleaning service during these times can be a difficult one. If you do decide to hire help, how can you best keep yourself safe in this new environment?



Swiffy's got you covered!


As health and safety is our top priority, we have developed an efficient cleaning process.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

As mandated by Health Canada, and to assist in reducing the spread of the covid-19 virus, protective PPE's are required by all staff, at all times, during cleanings (no exceptions). This includes Gloves & Masks.

Team members have been educated on the proper use and disposal of PPE equipment.

Physical Distancing:

Maintaining a physical distance of approximately 2 meters (or 2 arms length) as much as possible. Preferably, cleaning should be completed while clients are away. If this is not possible, then clients should relocate to a designated area within the home that will not be cleaned.

For businesses, cleaning services are completed after business hours, typically, when the office is closed. We understand that this may not always be possible as some businesses operate 24/7, or may close later than our operating hours. Rest assured that we will work with you to create a flexible and custom service to meet your needs.  Physical distancing will always be maintained.

Where it permits, residential cleanings will be completed by one team member, as opposed to a team of two. Please be understand that cleanings may exceed the allotted times due to this adjustment.

Cleaning Equipment:

To avoid cross contamination, cleaning equipment such as out microfiber cloths will be discarded after each use. A fresh set will be used for each cleaning.


Cash payment is not an accepted method of payment at this time. You may conveniently book your (residential) cleaning service online using various methods of no-contact payment.


Covid-19 Client & Team member Screening:

Effective immediately, Swiffy will actively screen all team members up to two days prior to the start of their shift, and the day of.

Clients will be screened the day prior to a scheduled cleaning, and the day of to validate there have been no changes.


All Covid-19 screening questions have been defined by the Ministry of Health.